What is the energy catalyser concept?

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Steve Cleary

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What is the energy catalyser concept?
« on: 23/05/2011 16:01:02 »
Steve Cleary  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi Dr Chris,

Can you shed some light on Andrea Rossi's Energy Catalyzer concept?  ie: fusion of Nickel and Hydrogen to produce 15Kw from a 400 watt input in a safe and nonpolluting manner..

With thanks

Steve Cleary
Sydney, Australia.

What do you think?
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What is the energy catalyser concept?
« Reply #1 on: 23/05/2011 19:43:26 »
Hi Steve - there has been a fairly energetic debate in the tech section of the forum already (which seemed to end up talking about sausages)


Ludwik's initial post has some good links that will explains things very well.

I think it all comes down to waiting till October and seeing if the man can deliver.  If it is true. it's a new paradigm, so it would be difficult to give any serious comment on it until his scientific methodology is presented - but it's a long way from being proved at the moment.  He needs to get his ducks in a row and present a patented machine, a repeatable methodology, and a detailed scientific paper - and let the world of cynics and sceptics find out what's going on.   

Don't sell all your energy stocks just yet.  [;D]
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