What causes bubbles in the eyes?

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What causes bubbles in the eyes?
« on: 14/06/2011 05:24:01 »
My 23 y.o. daughter has recently, "officially" been diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome. She's had facial and vocal tics since she was 11.  The doctors said it was a simple tic disorder and she didn't need to be medicated.  Over the last year, the symptoms have gotten much worse, and now she has even more, which include her hands going into spasms and eye blinking.  Since the blinking has started, she says she has bubbles in her eyes, on the outer corners under the top and bottom lids.  It drives her a bit mad.  She has seen the doctor, but he can't find anything wrong.   I thought maybe it was a side effect of the  Risperidone they've prescribed her, but she says its been going on since before she started taking it. 

Any clue what could be causing this and how she can stop it?