is a black hole the precursor to a big bang,in but the opposite direction?

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I had a thought the other night... (im not 100% sure of all the specific facts pertaining to a black hole) but it seems like a black hole is a place where the universe is going from normal entropy (disorder) to zero entropy (0 kelvin) which would be immensely/infinitely dense.

thought:Have we traveled past a black hole in the universe? (or have we only seen far away images of them through probes and satellites in space) if we have never traveled past them it could be a reasonable theory that a black hole is a concentration and singular point of infinite density at the edge/extent of our universe in that direction?(thought one) ... Im thinking a black hole could either be a attached to a BB (big bang) on the other end.. or could there be some time in between the implosion into a singular point (Black hole), a black hole actually becoming a singular point of infinite density and 0 kelvin, and then a BB (Big Bang) in equal proportion in the opposite direction? (imagine it like 2 water funnels with their smaller ends flush with each other) ... are we the result of the explosion of the matter/everything inside a black hole but in the opposite direction, all those billion/trillion years ago?

even in a vast infinite black universe... i bet there are multiple Black hole (iv heard of multiple black holes in the universe) to big bang scenarios going on to create vaaaast amounts of matter, energy, and particles that are spewed out the other end to arrange themselves as they randomly occur/collide..

basically i don't think the/our big bang created THE whole universe, i think it only created OUR part/section of the total universe.. were are the result of the opposite of a black hole.. (our big bang was) does that sound possible? theoretically? (thought two)

let me know what you think.. i might be very wrong.. but these are just theoretical thoughts/questions.. thanks :)
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A black hole does have entropy.  Stephen Hawkin proposed a mechanism for this.  Another and simpler way of thinking of it is gravity increases entropy because it takes more energy to do anything in a high gravitational field compared to a lower gravitational field.  So gravity effectively ties up energy reducing its usefulness.  This is entropy.  A black hole being the ultimate source of gravity must be a significant cause of entropy.

The following is not a mainstream view but it does not contravene the laws of physics and is allowed by relativity.  If matter and antimatter are gravitationally repulsive then black holes will emit antimatter particles from within the event horizon.  This could be viewed perhaps as something like a quasar.  You could work the rest out yourself but it would belong in the New Theories section.  As I said, this is not a mainstream view.