Who discovered the solar system?

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Who discovered the solar system?
« on: 26/09/2011 11:01:03 »
Cyra Pulvera asked the Naked Scientists:
Who discovered the solar system?

What do you think?
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Who discovered the solar system?
« Reply #1 on: 26/09/2011 23:42:29 »
The motions of the naked eye planets have been observed and predicted right into ancient history. The greeks had two models one with the earth at the centre (the wrong one ) and one by Aristarchus with the sun at the centre (the right one).  However the wrong one flourished for very many years because the Christian church preferred it and it was not until Copernicus working with the observations of Tycho Brahe together with the work of Newton and Kepler on gravitation and orbit theory got the full story correct.
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