Is the concept that the universe is inside of a black hole generally accepted?

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Is the concept that the universe is inside of a black hole generally accepted in the scientific world?  In addition, each black hole holds a different universe.  This is in line with the String Theory.  Leonard Susskind believes that it is beyond our capability to understand every thing about How the Universe works.  Thanks for comments.  Joe L. Ogan
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It does not seem to be because most text seem fixated on the supposed "singularity" that lives there. 

There is also the belief that our universe would have to be inside a big black hole when in theory it is quite possible for our whole universe to be inside a small (stellar mass) black hole.

This is because if it was turned into particles and radiation a collapsing and of course rotating black hole can liberate unlimited quantities of energy without contravening any known physical laws The only thing that remains is to show clearly that these  particles and energy created with the collapse towards the mythical singularity as they cool down and their motions become more coherent can produce an effect that looks to anything travelling with the particles just like our big bang with a large amount of space and without contravening the laws of thermodynamics.  I believe that this can be done using current knowledge and without any need to have a full quantum theory of gravity and believe that I am well on my way to proving it.
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