What night be like on a planet closer to the centre of the galaxy?

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silverangel asked the Naked Scientists:
Hey Chris,

First of all, I love the show: there is nothing better to wake me up in the morning than strong coffee and few of the naked scientist podcasts when I drive to work ;)

Is it possible for planetary systems to form close to the galactic core? How would the night sky on such planet look like?

What do you think?
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Should be close to that massive black hole that is speculated about, at the center of out galaxy, shouldn't it? If so you should be able to see some pretty weird effects I guess.
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Whilst it looks from the space photographs that stars at the centre of the galaxy are heaped upon each other, they are in fact a long way apart.  A star the age of Sol would be fairly well separated from other stars and we probably wouldnt notice the difference.
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