Meat curing and nitric oxide

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Meat curing and nitric oxide
« on: 15/10/2011 20:01:03 »
Jay  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi everyone,

I love the show, and because I'm a bit of a raconteur at times I've been dying to hear certain questions asked (and to get people thinking more) in my particular field: food and especially curing.

Which you did! Thank you!

As it happens, Nitric Oxide production is a vital part of traditional ham and bacon making, and I recall a show (and found the article on your forum) last year in which a zeolite-impregnated fabric had been made which promises to deliver nitric oxide safely and predictably to the site of an injury or wound, perhaps in cases of diabetes for example.

I would really like to keep track of this as the story unfolds, since it technically means one could cure bacon simply by wrapping it along with some salt in this material, without the need for bacterial reduction of nitrates and nitrites which must currently be added.

But I am at a loss for any more recent news and was hoping you might point me  in the right direction.

Thanks for your efforts and show, I bet it's great fun but also damn hard work behind the scenes!

My best regards,

Jasper aka Bacon Wizard

What do you think?
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