What do people think of SPAM as a benefit in either weight loss or health?

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I have recently been trying to de-tox as much as possible and have found it very difficult however I have been eating a lot of SPAM and finding that they satisy my cravings and have helped me stay clear of chocolate.  I have been looking online at websites like newbielink:http://www.THE_BENEFITS_OF_SPAM.com [nonactive] and I think that it supports my thought that this is a worthwhile pursuit

Can anyone comment inteligently or let me know here if they think I am wrong or that they are dangerous for me?


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I find that when I eat lots of spam, it inhibits my ability to comment intelligently on the web.  In fact, I find myself posting annoying advertizements to various fora rather than doing anything productive.


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You may not lose weight but perhaps you could enlarge your penis, or be the lucky recipient of millions of Nigerian dollars. Just provide your bank details...


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just think how much spam you could buy though with all those nigerian dollars