Sheep dung in roast in Norway

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Sheep dung in roast in Norway
« on: 10/05/2006 19:34:18 »
Aftenposten Wednesday May 10 2006
Sheep dung in roast
Yet another horror story has been registered in connection with Norwegian meat giant Gilde.

"I saw immediately that it was sheep dung," Kari Thingvold told newspaper Romerikes Blad. As the family's Sunday roast lamb was being carved, two balls appeared in the meat.

On Monday Thingvold sent the roast to the Food Safety Authority's district office in Kl°fta, and they confirmed her fears.

Thingvold had kept the roast's packaging, marked Gilde, the country's dominant meat cooperative that has been linked to a series of media reports about E. coli contamination, and an outbreak of a virulent strain that resulted in the death of a young child.

"This is not supposed to happen, and just being informed about this will allow us to tighten routines so that it doesn't happen again," said Gilde communication director Nina Sundqvist.

"Eating a roast lamb with excrement is probably not dangerous since it has been heat-treated. Any E. coli bacteria die at around 60C (140F)," said FSA Kl°fta section leader Kristin Styrmo.

Thingvold had been contacted twice by Gilde after the incident, and offered a deal on Gilde products as an apology, which she turned down.


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