Was the big bang impossible?

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Was the big bang impossible?
« on: 04/12/2011 16:54:44 »
I am going to try and explain my rationale here as best I can.

A Blackhole consists of an object so dense that at some point even light cannot escape the enormous gravitational pull.

If all of the matter in the universe was supposed to exist in a point no bigger then an atom then how was it possible that matter could escape?

For matter to have exploded forth with such vigor, one of two things must have taken place. Firstly space time did not exist at the point of expansion and/or secondly the effects of gravity must have been switched off long enough for this event to take place.

Not only that but at the point of expansion our Universe was expanding faster then the speed of light, slowed down and apparently is now accelerating away faster then the speed of light again! 

Follow up question:  Could something induce a Blackhole to explode? (i.e. Antimatter). 

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Was the big bang impossible?
« Reply #1 on: 04/12/2011 17:13:27 »
A black hole is a dense point within an existing universe.  In the big bang, all space and time was squashed down into that point as well, so it was the entire universe and follows different rules than a black hole.