Does reflectin decay?

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Does reflectin decay?
« on: 18/01/2012 11:06:52 »
Hello, was wondering if there is anyone here who can shed some light on something for me (blatant pun, as you will see). I was watching the Horizon: Playing God documentary on (uk) tv last night about synthetic biology. I was particularly keen a segment where they isolated reflectin proteins from squid cells and demonstrated its colour change with humidity.

I work in interior design and it struck me that it might be possible to use reflectin as a surface substance, perhaps backpainting glass with it for example, to produce a light wall that naturally reacts with its surroundings. I don't know if this is feesible though, for example would the reflectin decay like other organic substances? Also would it be possible to almost literally just 'paint' it onto the glass in quantity?

Synthetic biology is a subject I know very little about I like to keep an eye out for wacky things so if anyone can help 'shed some light' on this it would be much appreciated.