The consciousness as a part of the Universe

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The consciousness as a part of the Universe
« on: 06/03/2012 06:51:13 »
If we accept,that everything in the world is relative, then the outside world, those we see , we can accept that is inner.As a result we can suppose, that inner world of man that is to say the consciousness is outside.At the same time The consciousness is the same at each men.From these two admission we can make conclusion , that consciousness is the first dimension of the Universe that is to say to be externally and the same everywhere.This explain us the philosophical question, which is first the substance or consciousness.The ANSWER is that they are different dimension of the Universe.We can make interesting conclusions, the first of which is we are in time machine that is to say we can reborn again in men or animals , that is why the richest must think over their attitude toward the poors and the men their attitude toward the animals.More interesting conclusion is that we can reborn on another planet where has life as ours. The INTELLIGENCE and feelings as INTERACTION between consciousness and substance are probably the fourth or second dimension of the Universe but that is only supposition.
Author:Georgi Andonov Zlatev


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