Could magicians be using wavelengths the majority cannot see?

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Kgaugelo asked the Naked Scientists:
A few weeks ago, Chris was asked a question about why light was invisible to the human eye.

His answer was that light traveled on a different frequency from the one that we can see as humans. He then cited the example of radio waves as a medium that uses different frequencies that allows radio transmitters to link up even through solid structures like brick walls.Light on the other hand would not be transmittable through a structure like a brick wall.

This got me thinking about Dynamao the Magician. I hope that you are familiar with him as he is British *chuckles*.

In line with the answer given about the light and different frequencies, is it conceivable to explain Dynamo's magic or "powers" as occurring on a different frequency from the one most of us operate in?

Is it conceivable that he really read some guys bank PIN by staring into his eyes? Or change a tattoo by swiping his finger over it?

NB. My question is premised on the basis that the acts of magic were in fact real. In other words I believe that he did walk on the Thames, or through a window pane without braking it.

To me, this appears the most feasible explanation of the "work" he performs. Your take?

What do you think?
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If "Dynamo" can really walk on water he wouldn't have to do the old switcheroo (signature is different) ...

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