Nirvana as a substance

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Nirvana as a substance
« on: 22/08/2012 15:05:12 »
First, I tell you how this idea was born.

I am experienced in meditation about 9 years. My goal was to reach nirvana.

And once it happened. I sat in a room and saw a matter around me like non-existent.

Then I saw a huge dark black hole with huge gravity around.

My mind  disappeared and only dark hole was present.

I clearly saw like all around world, all matter was like illusion, even a sunlight was an illusion.

In other words, matter does not exist at all.

My mind was shocked, how it is possible ?

Then I started to understand, it was not a hallucination.

Abot 3 years I explored in meditation what a nirvana is.

First, nirvana is not only a state of a mind.

It is really something, that is present, it is that exists, some kind of substance,

Our matter is opposite to nirvana.

Second, it is not something  horrible, but opposite, it is very peaceful, silent, immovable,
there is no any danger.

If I see it, If I feel it, there are must be some methods to reveal it in a scientific way. to explore.

If anybody who is really is interested in this work, i can send material evidence of nirvana,

and description, how to create mini-lab of nirvana.


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Re: Nirvana as a substance
« Reply #1 on: 25/08/2012 08:05:53 »
it all comes down to one universal simple law or rule per se.

  if it is "made" out of "anything", then it is real and it exists.

  is it "is not" made out of "anything". then it does not physically exist....


  Anything = particle, wave, or unknown form, etc.
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