the "super verse"

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the "super verse"
« on: 03/09/2012 04:57:20 »
   An eternal and infinite universe.

  1)  size of space is infinite, and has always existed.
  2)  amount of matter available is finite, and is recycled.
  3)  Time ( progression, expansion, etc. ) by observation, Gravity, the nuclear and electrodynamic forces are eternal, as is energy, etc.
  4)  matter is 'recycled" through novas, black holes, mega novas, and giant black holes, to provide new elements.
  5)  matter has a finite "small" and "large" size.

  as mega novas explode as a part of an already expanding universe, inside of the super verse, there is matter already present as the replacement universe is created.   This present matter, gets pushed out to the boundaries of the gravitational pull of the matter from the "big bang" caused by the explosion.  old matter is formed in ring around expansion of current matter, this outer ring of matter is currently causing the seemingly faster expansion as the expanding matter is coming into the gravitational pull of the outer sing of matter that formed here as the old universe was destroyed by the explosion.

  the current cmwb reading are correct, but these readings are from the exploding mega nova.

  mega nova's are very rare, and only form under conditions that either have too much or not enough of one particular element during the stars collapse, and this event causes the gravitational collapse to end up all matter condensing into a particle sized piece of matter, this particle then explodes as a "big bang", and these big bangs, though rare, do happen all over the "super verse"

  Dark matter, and Dark energy are compatible in an eternal and infinite universe, but are not required.....
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