Causes of body odor

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Causes of body odor
« on: 19/09/2012 02:10:30 »
This is a personal issue of mine.

For as long as i can remember people have said i smell. And apparently is the smell of feces. All my family, friends and girlfriends have let me know this. It seems to only be my mum who has told me she cant smell me.

But despite spending 30 minuts in the shower every morning thoroughly cleaning myself, applying plenty of deodorant and generaly beeing very hygienic, it still persists.
I am now in college and over the years has been making me more and more anxious in public.

I am not sure weather this is a dermatological problem or not but i need help about it and would appreciate it greatly if anyone give me some.

Liam, 18


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Re: Causes of body odor
« Reply #1 on: 19/09/2012 02:55:15 »
... I am not sure weather this is a dermatological problem or not

Not necessarily confined to skin ...  

... Trimethylaminuria [TMAU] and Fecal Body Odor [FBO] syndrome ...

... Although TMAU, which used to be commonly known as ‘fish odor syndrome’, is the only reasonably documented unaffiliated systemic body odor, the most common complaint on forums even by persons diagnosed with TMAU is known as ‘fecal body odor’ (FBO), an odor emitted from the whole body. In addition, others describe their unusual body odor to also be of bowel odors, gas, garbage, sewage, rotten egg, rotten fish, and burning rubber amongst other unpleasant odors. Before the internet, most sufferers thought they had a unique problem...

Presently, it is not known if TMAU and FBO are the same, similar or overlapping disorders.
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