Why did I act out my dream?

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Why did I act out my dream?
« on: 09/10/2012 06:30:02 »
Zakaria Munsoor  asked the Naked Scientists:
   Hello Dr Chris and Redi.

Hope you guys are doing fine.

My wife and I are keen listeners of your show (more me) from Saudi Arabia. I'm from Durban and she's from King Williams Town. We working here.

Anyways, I LOVE the show. Listen to it all the time. Recently my wife said : "you've become smart. I think u should listen to the naked scientist more often."



I have two questions:

Sometime ago, you discussed the subject of dreams. You said that you don't have control of your movements in sleep as your nerves as 'like' severed, thus our muscles don't act out our dreams.

I had a dream sometime ago. In it, I was diving and out of no where came this Mauri eel. It tried to attack me and I pushed it the first time and the second time I punched it. I was in water so both my actions were slowed down. I immediately woke up from the sounds of my wife moaning. She said that I shoved and nudged her. Thank God for no injuries.

Why did I follow through with my physical actions?

Kind regards.
Zakaria and Taskeen
Saudi Arabia
What do you think?
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