How do we balance economic growth with its environmental cost?

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The development of economy and environment problem is mutual complement each other, the development of the economy will inevitably affect the environment, good environment can promote the development of economy, the contradiction between, as a member of society, we should take good care of environment, the development of economy and environment between phase equilibrium, we do not know what the views and Suggestions?
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As I've said on a topic like this before, the only way you are ever going to get the world to 'go green' is to make it profitable. No amount of Kyoto conferences or pictures of Arctic ice shrinkage is going to stop The Man happily burning coal over renewables, or releasing huge amounts of pollution. You have to give these people a cost incentive or they'll just stay with the status quo. Why on Earth should small businesses try to go eco-friendly, probably putting themselves at a cost-disadvantage, when the huge international firms do nothing of the sort?

Once you make it profitable for industries to favour environmentally friendly methods of production then the whole world will follow suit. How you do this is the problem, however.