Induction Heating

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Induction Heating
« on: 27/12/2012 14:17:00 »
I have been reading allot lately about induction heating, and from what i understood is that it works with an alternating current passing trough a coil making the part being heated magnetic. I live in Europe so i already got an alternating current directly from the plug. Its 220 Volt 60 Hz.
For induction heating to work if i am not mistaken we need a much higher frequency at around 20-50khz. How can I make the 220V 60hz AC work at 20-50khz?
AC current from the plug works with a wave of Vmin=0 Vmax=220 i think.
For a induction heater to work would it have to be Vmin=-220 and Vmax=220?

Thank you. ;)