Secret Software that has became capable of tracking people's movements online

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Found this online that talks about a new software that can track your movements via the pictures you take

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Free software, confusingly also called RIOT, designed to process photos before you post them on the internet, will strip out all the metadata by default, e.g. remove the embedded data telling when and where the photo was taken.

... decide if you want to keep metadata (comments, IPTC, Adobe XMP, EXIF profiles, ICC profiles).
Unsupported metadata is removed

RIOT is available as a stand-alone version, or as a plug-in for Irfanview or GIMP. 

RIOT also removes embedded thumbnails of the full image, which can be embedded in a cropped version of the image ...

Photo manipulation software sometimes fails to update the embedded thumbnail after an editing operation, possibly causing the user to inadvertently publish compromising information.
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