Nostalgia - a by-product of crazy teenage hormone-induced emotions?

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I often find myself inexplicably emotional when remembering days of old. I'm not that old now (early 30s) so "days of old" are really my teenage years.

Music is something that often brings back old feelings and emotion, and it was something that was integral to my life in my teens. I remember being obsessed with bands and wanting to hear them over and over again marvelling at the fact that I never seemed to get bored, or the emotional highs the music gave me never went away.

Then I grew up, and I don't think I'll ever feel as passionate about a band as I did when I was younger. Is this something to do with what's going on in teenager's brain during puberty?

Could nostalgia simply be that our memories of our childhood have been tampered with by teenage hormones and thus give us the illusion that our past was emotionally richer than it is now?