Physical laws through the eyes of light!!the only objective observer...

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As we previously stated, we are not completely objective observers of the universe, because we are a part inside the system.We are a system of chemical reactions, and so we can judge entities such as entropy, only in relativistic terms, because our own entropy is constantly changing.That is happening because we are composed from other things, and thatís why we are doomed in eternal subjectivity.
But the question is:are there objective observers in the universe?
As we are moving to smaller and simplier objects, we find better candidates that us, but still these can also be further subdivided.
But , according to quantum mechanics, virtually we cannot go smaller than the length of the light wave, because in that case, we cannot precisely estimate both the position and the speed of a particle.So, the best candidate for being the universal objective observer is the photon.
But, how are the laws of nature changing if we consider light as the only true observer?
From here on, we are moving to physics , and
I am not a physicist, so forgive me if my ideas sound stupid, but I want your opinion to this:
In electrical bulbs, the anode and the cathode are charged oppositely.The force that emerges between them is the natural tendency to contact to each other. The emerging force tries to bring the anode closer to the cathode.But this cannot happen, because of the design of the bulb.This resistance to the natural tendency is accompanied by the production of electromagnetic waves.Whether there is a causal effect, is very questionable.
Similarly, in a wire with electricity, the resistance of the wire resists to the natural tendency.
What is interesting is that if experiments showed that any opposition to the natural tendency of forces, creates electromagnetic radiation (e.g. destruction of atom nucleus, antigravity, or if we show that matter and antimatter opposes each other), and the level of resistance correlates with the amount of the produced electromagnetic radiation then we can make the amazing conclusion, that from the photons point of view, any natural tendency tends to lower the entropy of the system.Or else, from the lights point of view, there are no physical laws at all.Just the second law of thermodynamics.
This would mean that everything we perceive as natural laws are just the projections of the second law of thermodynamics because of our subjective point of view.If light is the only true observer, then the physical laws are the emergence of the entropic power of the universe.
Any thoughts?


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Once the universe reaches its highest entropy there won't be much happening because happenings require the universe reaching a higher entropy. The laws will still be in effect but there won't be anything for them to affect.