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I have for a long time believed our universe to be expanding into lower dimensional space, but did not know what this space was.
I thought the answer may lay within the elements/noble gases,
I decided to try and extend/expand the periodic table, once i done this i realised there was 12 noble gases, the twelve noble gas being element 172,
I then realised once i had these 172 elements i could fit the tables together like a fractal jigsaw, as you will see at element 172/173,
I then realised everything seemed to be expanding within this element 172/12th noble which i called emerium for short:).

Each element seems to be an expansion of this element, i have tried to show this expansion between the elements,
you will notice that there is a noble gas before each expansion into the next shell, and each element is part of emerium, which you can see as one table joins to the next.
I believe this is what we may call quarks up/down/strange, each proton /neutron are but expansions of emerium.
http://alphaomegadotme.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/period-table-element-expanded11111.xls [nofollow]