NOWZAD rescues of soldiers pets from Iraq/Afghanistan and animal welfare there

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There are pages of the animals rescued, from both countries, if you want to read their stories.

This place enables soldiers from Britain, America, Italy, etc, to get help to get the dogs/cats, etc that they bonded with, to come home to them or be kept safe.  These animals are treated SO badly in the country, that it is truly traumatic to leave them.  As countries are pulling out, more help is needed, in a rush.

Please buy your tshirt off them, or donate, or spread their story, on your internet contact sites.  Or volunteer to rehome an animal.  Some dogs/cats give birth to litters, so they need homes.  All animals are desexed, health care sorted before the arrival.

This has gone on, in the past, with occasional huge hearted soldiers refusing to abandon and betray the animals they loved.  Highly recommend the story of a little terrier smuggled back to Australia, at the end of WW2, Horrie the Wog Dog, by Ion Iddriess

Luckily, it was a sea voyage home.  Being illegal, there was no chance to put dog through quarantine.  These days, every t crossed.