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The concept is here and it/we are not going away.

Geology as it is preached will be and is proven wrong too many ways.

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And for your tru scientific exploration. The newest first edition. [nofollow]


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you have posted some of the most refreshing information I have seen in quite some time on global tectonics. As I mentioned in my posts, there are vanguards positioned, preventing genuine tectonic research. And as you say, they have their careers to consider by maintaining and beautifully recreating the status of preposterous and absurd theorems.

It is much to the point, that our young people find the information in textbooks and on the internet tedious and tiresome.

I read your posts on my theory of, how false subduction is; forming mountains. I debated with 'Opiolite' to the point of anger and disgust. He provided contempt to the forum. No one else debated with such disdain.

I would like to ask, do you know the great and enormous force, by which the Himalaya's were raised? ...and please, it was certainly not by subduction of the Indian plate; or the Indian plate ramming hypothesis.