Temporal Quantum Entanglement and Movie Making

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Temporal Quantum Entanglement and Movie Making
« on: 11/04/2013 11:00:40 »
     The ultimate goal of Quantum Entanglement is the efficient transfer of information without noise, loss-less communications.  If perfected, you could have a mobile phone that wouldn't need any infrastructure between the point of transmission and the point of reception, it would be as if you were standing in the presence of each other as you talk, crystal clear communications, and no bandwidth restrictions.  When you quantum entangle two particles, no matter how far apart you move each particle, they are intimately linked and information is transferred, instantaneously.  Let's take that one step further, can we ascribe a temporal dimension to this entanglement?  Then the paradigm would be no matter how far apart you move each particle in space or time, they are intimately linked and information is transferred. 
     Given that, here the movie maker would find great use of the technology.  The movie maker could have a production with actors and scenes and everything else you might find on a set or location, but instead of recording to media, the technologists would set a communications path from the past to the future for information flow.  The movie director would set a frame and the temporal quantum entanglement could be limited to just what is in the movie frame or the broader view of the making of the movie.  The movie editor would manipulate which temporal quantum entanglements would be presented to moviegoers. The editor would have a library of temporal quantum entanglements to choose from or to splice into to the finished piece.  The movie industry would have complete control of the distribution process, have access to a wealth of new product offerings, and protect themselves from all forms of piracy.  The industry could offer all the current options for watching movies today and a few additional only made possible by the technology.  Documentaries would take on a visceral quality of actually being there.  Major historical events could be presented in their true nature without editorial embellishments.