What is gravity? I know!

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What is gravity? I know!
« on: 12/04/2013 20:42:39 »
To start out, only atoms have gravity the bigger the atom the more gravity it has.   but what is an atom?  to answer that, what happens when you split a hydrogen atom?  An explosion, energy, waves, light. You convert particles into waves so you could say that an atom is made up of energy, waves or light.  If that's true then you could think of particles as balls of light spinning round and round much like an electron cloud.

but what is a wave?  to answer that imagine water, when you throw a rock into the water you displace it and as a result you get waves, in the same way the big bang displaced space to get waves of light.  What I'm trying to say is that light is the displacement waves of space. When you stirrup water in a circle you get a vortex, if you do the same thing with light you get a vortex of space. Sense light is going round and round in an atom you get the same effect. that IS gravity!

gravity is the displacement of space into a vortex, caused by light spinning around in an atom.  No "strings" attached!  its really that simple.

If you don't believe that then take "Pair production" into account that is the creation of electrons and positrons from light, electrons have mass and therefor gravity so how could light which has none of those make both mass and gravity?  Light has the ability to spin around like that, just look at "Quantum entanglement" at the same time the spin of the light entangled explains the polarity and charge of particles in an atom.

I know that's the truth                                                     by David A Baker