A short TOET that will blow your mind!

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A short TOET that will blow your mind!
« on: 16/04/2013 16:49:16 »
Light, something that is very common, that which allows us to see.  But what is light? Many say it's a wave wile others say its a particle and some even say it's both, but what is it for real?

Scientists of the new age clam that light has both wave and particle characteristics.
These characteristics have been observed in experiments like the double slit experiment  but for the most part they don't know why this happens?  How could this be, how is it that light behaves like this? I believe I have the answer but in-order to explain it so that it makes sense you have to understand 2 concepts, quantum entanglement and pair production.

On the simplest level quantum entanglement suggests that photons can sort-of orbit each-other in two rings these photons spin in opposite directions giving them polarity.  Now pair production is very similar, but is the creation of electrons and positrons from pure light, both of which have mass and gravity, so how could light which has no mass or gravity create it?

To answer that imagine water, when you throw a rock into the water it displaces it and as a result you get waves, if you stir water in a circle you get a vortex.

Think of space as the water and the rock as the big bang, think of the displacement waves of the water as waves of light and think of the vortex of water as gravity.

imagine electrons are hollow orbs of photons called photon clouds spinning around at light speed, that light (the displacement waves of space) spin around in a hollow orb that creates an electron. as a result you get a inward pull similar to the effect caused by a vortex this effect is what is known as gravity.

if gravity is created in this way then anything with gravity is a hollow orb of photons.
I suggest that quarks are formed in exactly the same way and that atoms are completely made of light and light is made of displaced space waves.

to wrap this up I have explained that light is the displacement waves of space caused by the big bang. That tiny vortex like interactions of these waves create its particle form, photons. I have explained how electrons (and probably quarks) are made up of these photons spinning around in a photon cloud and that gravity is created by the displacement of space do to photons orbiting in a ball at light speed.

you could think of space as an endless sea, its waves are light, its whirlpools are photons and its sea fome bubbles are atoms.

I would love to hear what you guys have to say especially the average Joe among you. please give me whatever feedback comes to mind weather you like my theory or not. just tell me what YOU think.