Magnetic question?? need answer!

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Magnetic question?? need answer!
« on: 15/05/2013 06:02:34 »
Ok ya'll I have a 1 very important question that could help solve a number of interesting problems. If you have knowledge about the nature of magnets, then your help would be much appreciated.

this question is about the magnetic fields of hollow orbs stacked inside of each other like Russian dolls. just like the picture link below.

in the picture above, the core is solid and makes a magnetic field much like this

I "think" that a hollow ball would make the same type of magnetic field as a solid ball on the outside, But the poles on the inside would be opposite. But something tells me that's not right.

imagine that you have a very strong solid magnetic ball and a hollow magnetic ball cut in half around the magnetic equator. If you put the solid magnetic ball inside one half of the hollow ball how would the solid ball align itself? if you closed the hollow orb by snapping the to halves together how would the magnets align?

am I right? that the magnetic field on the inside of a hollow orb is opposite to its outside magnetic field? this is the bulk of the question Im asking.

part 2 of this question is a little harder to explain you may need to draw a picture.
Imagine that you have a solid magnetic ball and a hollow ball cut in half just like before BUT you drill a hole in both of the orbs from the north to the south pole. next put a long screw bolt through the solid ball with washers and nuts to secure it in place in the middle of the bolt. then wrap the whole thing in copper wire which starts on the bolt near the north pole of the orb going around the ball horizontally down to the south side of the bolt.

next take the hollow ball and put the solid ball inside it just like before but flip the hollow orb around so that the inside of the hollow magnet
repels the solid magnet core then use washers and nuts to push the 2 halves together despite the repelling fields to generate magnetic pressure.  next drill hole along the equator of the hollow orb and electrify the core to build more magnetic pressure which can only escape though the hole drilled on the side.

I think this might explode but I also think that this could generate a "Magnetic reconnection" which is the essence of a solar storms, solar flares and a whole host of different things like the aurora lights. If I could build this thing then Science can better research the workings of magnetic fields. along with other mischievous things.


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Re: Magnetic question?? need answer!
« Reply #1 on: 15/05/2013 10:52:34 »
Maybe you should ask if the magnetic field of a hollow sphere differs from the magnetic field of a ring, and in what way. From that you might be able to do a simple simulation with rings and then adapt this to spheres?
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