Reform in education

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Reform in education
« on: 15/05/2013 12:03:27 »
Our education must make big reform.The aim of reform must be to make geniuses.For me everybody has a talent and potential to be genius but the problem is how to find it.The problem is that pupil can not make proper decision what to learn in higher education.The problem is that good knowledge in nature science do not mean that the pupil will be good if the pupil learn nature science in higher education.Contrary i think that he can make big achievement in humanitarian science even the pupil have no idea of them.Having no idea of humanitarian science will make pupil more critical to what teachers will teach him.I say that pupil  make wrong decisions  learning what they think they are good at because being little their knowledge is smattering of.For that reason must  be made tests with which if the pupil is good in nature science but having no idea of humanitarian science we must direct him toward humanitarian science and vice versa.


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Re: Reform in education
« Reply #1 on: 15/05/2013 19:00:41 »
Artificial intelligence will soon wipe the floor with human geniuses. We need to think about teaching children how to live good lives instead, and part of that will involve giving them back the freedom they should have rather than continuing to lock them up in suffocating institutions which turn so many of them bad.