What is a black hole?

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What is a black hole?
« on: 27/06/2013 11:17:35 »
Great prog on the BBC last night.

If you missed it, find it here on the BBC iPlayer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b036bv0z/Horizon_20122013_Swallowed_by_a_Black_Hole/

UK only I'm affraid.
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Re: What is a black hole?
« Reply #1 on: 28/06/2013 14:01:08 »
Yeah I saw that Horizon programme last night. Very Enjoyable watch.

I don't really know anything about science, but I like to guess what might be happening.

So we are on the understanding a black hole's mass is so high it consumes matter and I remember my GCSE science teacher telling us that if all the space was taken out of all the atoms in the entire human race they would fit in a cube of sugar. So I think a SMBH consumes matter by stripping all the electrons from an atom and spewing out ionised radiation (quasars) and compacting neutrons together at the heart of the black hole. This would obviously take up a very small volume but have a high mass causing the huge gravitational pull that a black hole has. (I have just completely made up all the science behind this guess)

And my next unscientific guess is that SMBH will eventually consume their galaxies, then consume other galaxies then the universe will start to contract each SMBH consuming the next one until there's only two left, one wins and that is of course the big bang and we start all over again.

And there's something to do with dark matter along the way....