Can fleas be drowned in detergent?

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Can fleas be drowned in detergent?
« on: 16/07/2013 04:30:01 »
Martin Kilgore  asked the Naked Scientists:
During the great flea invasion of '93, I suffered piteously until I learned that fleas will drown in a small bowl of water to which a bit of dish washing soap has been added. Plain water is right out. It doesn't faze them. I think you need the surfactant effect.

It is a great deliverance to comb the little rotters out of the cat's fur and then watch them struggle a few seconds and see their lifeless little bodies drifting in the bath of death.

Tell the man to try soaking his wool cap in a solution of water and woolitedetergent.

And henceforth keep the cat in the house.

Martin Kilgore

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