Bosenova "missing" atoms?

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Bosenova "missing" atoms?
« on: 18/08/2013 12:43:42 »

I just stumbled on a wikipedia article regarding the Bosenova. It says there that after the explosion in the original experiment, two thrids of the original atoms went "missing".

So, what happened to them?

I bet this is an old question, so I apologise for bringing it up again.



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Re: Bosenova "missing" atoms?
« Reply #1 on: 18/08/2013 17:45:53 »
Don't know what happens :)

Found this one though that explains some of the history behind ultra cold condensates.

If you think of it as field with ripples then the ripples are what we can probe, making them into particles, all as I get it. It could be some transformation into energy, or into new particles leaving the condensate to fast for the instruments to register?

Whatever happens should obey the conservation laws though, or we should be in trouble.
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