The Basis for 78 Binary Laws of Physics

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The Basis for 78 Binary Laws of Physics
« on: 19/09/2013 17:33:56 »
Recently I wrote on my blog describing the foundation for 78 Binary Laws of Physics.

The perspective is based on a categorical 'variablist' approach, in which variables and other entities are described in terms of coherent qualities, e.g. if two words are taken to suffice for a definition of a variable, then those two words are the exclusive properties of that entity.

When two words are not seen to exclusive, even when the definition seems adequate, then it must be concluded that the definition is incomplete. By incrementing this process, I found, through inspiration, twelve definitions that I feel suffice in the near-to-long-term about twelve variables.

The binary variables of the variables are then compared in a [AB:CD and AD:BC] method called categorical-deductive quadra, yielding in this case 12! laws, for 12 defined variables.

Here is the link to the Basis for the 78 Binary Laws, consisting of 12 binary variable definitions: newbielink: [nonactive].

Please comment below.

By the way, the definitions are based on an article in the New York Times, about Einstein and black holes, which described that physics may be at its limit of describing black holes in quantum terms, if there is a 'firewall paradox', e.g. that universes could differ because of a boundary between universes which we do not yet understand. My principles are meant to provide a contrarian, long-term perspective for developing new theorems of physics, in the context of coherency, combinatorics, and relativity and quantum mechanics. Maybe it's just a sample of an idea, but at least I've gone to some length to define the variables in an exclusive way. That is it's genius, if it has a genius.


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Re: The Basis for 78 Binary Laws of Physics
« Reply #1 on: 20/09/2013 17:42:31 »
Mass is always definite and infinite

It is unusual to combine two untrue statements into a selfcontradiction.

The experimental evidence would be most interesting. 
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