A Flaw of General Relativity, a New Metric Etc.

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A Flaw of General Relativity, a New Metric Etc.
« on: 24/07/2006 09:17:39 »
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A Flaw of General Relativity, a New Metric and Cosmological Implications

Abstract: General relativity is shown to be inconsistent. A new metric for Schwarzschild geometry is derived and shown to be confirmed by all experimental tests of the Schwarzschild metric. (Those tests compose the vast majority of experimental tests of general relativity.) The predictions of the new metric and the Schwarzschild metric diverge as gravity strengthens. Black holes are not predicted by the new metric. The cosmological implications show that gravity alone can explain away the flatness and horizon problems and cause the universe to seemingly accelerate in its expansion.

If you're tempted to reply "GR is right, so you're wrong!" then rest assured I've heard that one already. And of course I'm a crackpot for challenging GR.

Serious discussion appreciated, especially from those who attack the paper directly.