A piece of spam

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A piece of spam
« on: 24/07/2006 22:48:39 »

Today I recieved an interesting piece of email spam, very well disguised. Amoung the several .jpegs that made up the XML page this text appeared in white on a white background, i.e., unvisible on a page but sent back to the .jpeg server to identify the email address of the email user to which it was sent.

Confusing? It was to me until I had a friend explain it to me over several cups of coffee. I am certain that this explination is correct, though.

The subject was one I had "Googled" yesterday so it was on my mind. BUT, I always save to .txt file any email from an unknown source before I open it. It come from long practice and many, many virii and trojans having been emplanted in email i have gotten in the past. Thus, this piece of random hilarity!

So - on to the hidden text in the web page-email.


Sometimes a turkey gets stinking drunk, but a polar bear always takes a peek at a dreamlike parking lot! Sometimes a bowling ball for a fire  hydrant dies, but a tornado about a blithe spirit always dances with an insurance agent! Another skinny fundraiser finds lice on a bullfrog. When you see the buzzard for a hockey player, it means that a tattered blood clot flies into a rage. Now and then, a cocker spaniel about the spider shares a shower with a hole puncher.

Any prime minister can fall in love with a foreign carpet tack, but it takes a real jersey cow to operate a small fruit stand with the inferiority complex. Sometimes a single-handledly radioactive salad dressing takes a coffee break, but a salty cough syrup always finds lice on a ball bearing from the avocado pit! Now and then, another chestnut of a girl scout hardly operates a small fruit stand with a somewhat college-educated hole puncher. For example, the microscope behind the vacuum cleaner indicates that the fruit cake behind the cab driver steals pencils from a rattlesnake.

Some greedily feline canyon is obsequious. A boiled inferiority complex writes a love letter to a fairy defined by a cocker spaniel. When you see a cloud formation, it means that a grain of sand beyond the inferiority complex hides. Indeed, the bowling ball toward a deficit gives a pink slip to an often polka-dotted tabloid. Now and then, a graduated cylinder accurately has a change of heart about the spider.

The eggplant makes a truce with a skyscraper. Sometimes a lover gets stinking drunk, but a pit viper always greedily cooks cheese grits for a wrinkled tape recorder! The polygon near the wedge ridiculously satiates a feverishly slow turkey. When the defendant feels nagging remorse, a plaintiff inside the industrial complex earns frequent flier miles. Sometimes a mitochondrial demon self-flagellates, but a sheriff always sanitizes a briar patch!


Rather funny for something computer generated.

The mind is like a parachute. It works best when open.  -- A. Einstein
The mind is like a parachute. It works best when open.  -- A. Einstein


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Re: A piece of spam
« Reply #1 on: 25/07/2006 03:21:46 »

I shall quote it!


"Science Rules"

            Bill Nye The    
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"Science Rules"

            Bill Nye The    
             Science Guy