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« on: 29/07/2006 18:54:52 »
To the folks that use glyco supplements please remember that after a while (two weeks or two months) the body will start to clean house and that at times will produce headaches,etc. Just flood yourself with lemon squeeze water or cranberry with ginger ale. Really drink the stuff intill you think you are going to float away.

Now concerning how these supplements work their is several different ways. As Dr. McDaniels and McAnally point out in their patients on their 11 necessary sugars(I count over 18) it can be applied right the skin or orally. As soon as it hits under the tongue some of those 11 or more(or as Mannatech says "two or more") go into the blood stream. Just look at it as a piece of a puzzle. That is the 'long chain sugar'. According to some there is no enzemes to break it down but it does not matter. A short chain will not work becasue it again like that piece of the puzzle. It fits only a certain way. As Dr.McAnally saw and other notable scientist can not or have not the 'long chain saccharide is absorbed intact and fits like that piece of a puzzle and is recongnized by the body which brings about cell to cell work in this field of glycomics.

Remember it was just a fews years ago a couple of bicycle mechanics, self taught, came about to teach us humans to fly. We still figure how a bumble flies or a killer whale swims so fast.