space, the universe and everything

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space, the universe and everything
« on: 02/11/2013 20:00:31 »
This description of my idea starts off sounding just like other theories but it become novel later on. It's that before the big bang there existed another universe which got itself sucked down a black hole of sorts. But when the energy density in the hole reached a critical figure a new universe was born, complete with a new set of physical laws. Prior to this event there was no space but there was something else. Call it sub-space. The black hole's energy was released into sub space. This energy had to move, according to the new laws. Because it occurred at a dimensionless point the only direction in which the energy could move was radially outwards. After a while the expansion increased the entropy of the radiation and a sort of state-change occurred and matter was formed. Then space inflated (Guth). But I think that sub-space is still there, everywhere in fact.
With quantum entanglement, to drag in another concept,  the speed at which a change in wave function occurs when one of the entangled particle's wavefunction changes, is infinite. I reckon this is because (and here comes my theory) the two (or more) wavefunctions are connected together in sub-space.
So where's my proof? Well imagine I'd come up with this theory first and you'd asked me for the proof. The proof offered would be what I've just described ie Alain Aspect's experimental result would be my proof. Unless you've got a better idea, that is.
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