Plasma bolt!

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Plasma bolt!
« on: 12/12/2013 00:24:17 »
Picture a ball of fire which has lightning coming off of it, that's the basic idea. My theory on how to do this is a bit easy. First you'll need a vortex gun

this thing will shoot a ring of air (or smoke) through the air, BUT before the air is fired, it is ionized! what ever the air hits it static electrifies. the Idea now is to shoot pepper spray out of the front, this way the gas is forced to static cling to the target it hits, making the pepper spray more effective.

But I wonder if it can be taken a step further. Imagine if you shoot 2 rings, one after another. The first ring is positive and the other is negative, the first one hits the target and positively ionizes him then the second ring hits him and wam! A mild static shock. these rings which are used in this application are quite small yet can pack a lot of energy so I imagine a big one as being enough to at least be painful.

It is a lightning ring any way you look at it,  but is it possible to take that another step further?


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Re: Plasma bolt!
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