What happens when the stars burn out?

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What happens when the stars burn out?
« on: 13/12/2013 11:09:27 »
The sun and stars are very efficient candles that light the universe but they've got to run out of fuel some time in the far future.  The stars burn hydrogen through the process of fission converting it into other elements. But by doing that you it looses the essential hydrogen, which is needed for stars to form in the first place.

the sun transforms tons of hydrogen each day (which is nothing compared to the sun's mass) multiply that by every star in the universe and you end up with a lot of transformation. Right now hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe but fast forward in time 100 trillion year when all the hydrogen is transformed into other elements, what then?

My theory is that the stars will simply go out one by one until there are no more left. then the universe would be pitch-black and cold too. space is already cold, imagine how cold it would be without any source heat or light, I would say that if there is no heat source or light then everything would be right on the thresh hold of absolute zero. (super cold)

According to physics when things get that cold they go into a 5th (more like 1st) state of matter called the BEC (Boise-Einstine-condensate) It has weird properties but, one defining characteristic of the BEC is that the nuclei of atoms in the BEC state clump together to make a (super atom) which is ultra dense.

I can imagine some kind of Bec black hole (BECBH) because this thing would eventually collect all the matter in the universe and become super massive (but also microscopic do to how dense it is) and because it has so much mass in such a small area then it's gravity would be enormous! even light from the farthest reaches of the universe would feel it's gravity, locking light into a huge orbit around it eventually sucking in light it self Then... that's it, that would mark the end of the universe.

An empty pitch black void with one superdense object in it no bigger then a grain of sand floating around

It reminds me of the big bang theory, which states that the entire universe exploded from a single spot.
that would make the "single spot" idea possible. when the BECBH collects every single bit of the universe then it will be like the staw that broke the camels back, and the force of gravity causes the dang thing to implode. Crushing all the atoms into pure energy then a "Big bang" follows soon after as the energy explodes forth from the implosion sight.

The big bang "Theory" is wrong by assuming that the big bang was the beginning of the universe, in reality the universe is infinite, the big bang is just part of an infinite cycle. similar to the way a phoenix explodes when it gets old then is reborn from his ashes.

Mind Blown!

I think it makes perfect sense, but I bet there's a flaw somewhere in this theory so if you see a flaw go ahead and point it out. (by posting)