right or left? (eyes, hands, feet)

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right or left? (eyes, hands, feet)
« on: 02/08/2006 18:29:05 »
i am an avid BMX cyclist and have always made a note of what "foot forward" i and other riders are. there is a much preffered foot to put in front for eveyone on bikes, even people who rarely ride.

i figured just like a right handed boxer stands left foot forward, and the other way around, that maybe this applied to bikes too. from all the people i know, it does not! theres no connection at all!  maybe a larger sampling would yield some connection.

there is also "eye dominance". most people are right eye dominant, some are left eye dominant. this too, is unrelated to hand dominance(its actually been studied).

then the last thing i can think of offhand is brain dominance. this has sort of been proven to be less simple than righthanded=left brain and lefthanded=right brain, but there is a correlation.

so what is all this crap? is it all genetically predetermined, or somewhat aquired? is one related to another, and which ones? anyone know anything more than me about it?

im right side everything ive mentioned.

P.S. dont try to figure out which foot you put forward while cycling without getting on a cycle. its hard to guess till youre actually riding!



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Re: right or left? (eyes, hands, feet)
« Reply #1 on: 02/08/2006 21:45:57 »
I think it is substantially wired into the brain, but just as the left dominant/right dominant brain is not absolute, so too with left/right handedness (most people are to varying degrees ambidextrous, and some people find that while the write with their right hand, they are actually better at performing certain tasks with their left hand).

With both hands, feet, or eyes (although in the latter, there is also an issue with regard whether people's eyes being often asymmetric, like I have always been astigmatic in my left eye) I think it is how closely wired different parts of the brain are.  It may well be that writing is generally right handed dominant because it is a language skill, whereas other skills that may be less language oriented may be more left handed.  Just as some people may have a stronger ling between the brain centres and either their left or right hand, there may be brain centres that control which foot one puts forward for cycling, and that centre may have nothing to do with the centres of the brain used for writing, and so bear no relationship to which hand is dominant for writing.



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Re: right or left? (eyes, hands, feet)
« Reply #2 on: 10/08/2006 23:09:10 »
Never forget to have your helmet on, to protect the right and left side of your skull!
Have fun