Is the Universe expanding at a constant speed?

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Is the Universe expanding at a constant speed?
« on: 17/01/2014 00:43:27 »
The “Crisp” Hypothesis
Forethought: The Universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate, however, it makes more sense to expect the universe to be expanding at a steady constant rate.
Einstein was right! The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second, or more precisely 299,796,000.00? metres per second. We are now able to measure that precisely, but has anyone made 2 measurements under precisely the same conditions, say 10 years apart, to see if there is any drift in the distant decimal places?
My contention is this: The speed of light we measure is only correct for earth, and near enough for our immediate neighbourhood (our solar system). What if the speed of light is directly proportional to the distance from the centre of the universe, being where the big bang happened (or the white hole tunnelling to a black hole in another “brain” occurred!).
If so, what would this mean to us and our observations? I contend that this would mean that a galaxy twice as far away from the centre of the universe as we are, would have a light speed of 2x (or maybe 1.414x) compared to us. This would mean that when we try to measure the distance to that galaxy using the speed of light on earth as a measuring stick, it APPEARS as though the universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate, where as it really is expanding at a constant rate.
When we look at this distant galaxy, at the far end of the journey from the galaxy towards us, the photons would be travelling at a much faster speed, and gradually being forced to slow down as they approach earth. This would lead us to believe that the galaxy is further away from us than it is in normal 3 dimensions, and also that this distance is increasing at an ever increasing rate. This would also mean that the age of the galaxy we observe is not as old as we thought, (time implications). The image we see is not as old as we thought. The converse is true of course towards the centre of the universe. This could mean that the big bang has been going for an infinite time, and will continue to do so. We simply can’t see the point of source, as light travels too slowly from it.
Summary: I would like an elite mathematician to try the current equations that explain the universe construct and theory against this possibility. This Math is beyond my personal scope. I hope if nothing else, that maybe this is food for thought by smarter people than me!
George Crisp