Scientific sorcery.

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Scientific sorcery.
« on: 16/03/2014 01:41:22 »
Scientific sorcery

We have all heard of Harry potter, Harry Houdini, Cris Angel and all the others. But there is one thing in common with all magicians and that is that they are all fake! But, what if you could actually factually levitate anything including your self easily. It turns out that you can and today I'm going to tell you how it's done but I can't believe it's never been done before. (in the way I intend to do it)

For this I need you to stretch your imagination as much as you can to really get what I'm trying to say so bear with me as we dive in. Okay what you need first is a "quantum entangled super shield" which I will tell you how to make (it's easy). It will be either circular or square. the shape will determine special properties of the shield, but today we will be making a circular shield which has rotational properties.

This shield will have a special material inside it, which gives it it's levitation properties this material will be a "yttrium-Barium-copper-oxide" polycrystalline lattice made into a wire/tape

wind this puppy up into a pancake coil (a big one which is not as thick as the picture above) take the 2 ends of the wire and tether them together (connect them) next you'll need to put that coil into your shield and cool it down, there are 2 ways to do this one is to use liquid nitrogen and the other is to use devices called cryocoolers, liquid nitrogen is to cool the device down quickly  for a short period of time but cryocoolers will keep the device cold for as long as you want. now you have a superconducting quantum entangled shield coil locked in what is called "persistent mode" next you need to charge your coil like this.

you can clearly see the coil and the positive and negative terminal, then you can see a resister which acts like a heat switch breaking the circuit when it heats up. you can charge this coil so much that the coil will produce a mega strong magnetic field with a maximum around 14 Tesla 14 times stronger then the strongest permanent magnet in the world (neodymium) it's such a strong magnet that you need to be far away from any ferromagnetic metal or you will be pinned to it from 4 feet away! you need to be extra careful or this shield can kill you. it's an incredibly strong magnet now (it's a quantum magnet)

all you need now is another superconductor to levitate or levitate over, imagine something like this

the ball she is levitating would be hollow and contain a superconductor ball on the inside, and a little bit of liquid nitrogen. It would be able to levitate over the quantum magnet which would be on her back or in her other hand. the superconductor can lift 7000 times it's own weight so you could attach it to pretty much anything to it and it would levitate it.  For example that ball could be on the top of a magicians staff and the ball would be able to levitate she staff.

You could put super conductors into the handle of a frying pan and levitate the frying pan wile making freaking pan cakes for crying out loud! if there were superconductors on the ground the the user could stand on the shield and levitate 4 feet off the ground, because the shield was circular then it would be able to rotate freely and spin, and superconducting objects would be-able to orbit the shield!

the shield would be able to magnetically attract any ferromagnetic material such as steel from 4 feet away and any conductive object like copper would fall like a feather because of the eddy currents induced into the metal from the superconducting magnet.

imagine a person walking down the street levitating their smart phone in front of them as they video chat, or levitating fire balls orbiting him like a planet! incredible stuff I'm talking about here you know what I'm saying.

your powers would rival that of magneto. look at this video of something remarkably similar to what I'm saying.

Next on the list is lightning powers

You can blast deadly bolts of lightning at a moment notice IF you have the right kind of power, under one condition and your feet must be insulated otherwise you will be shocked. In the late 1800's a man by the name of Nikola Tesla created a device called a "Tesla coil" which produced the right kind of lightning needed to use the human body like one big wire/radio (disruptor) antenna, speaker, wireless power transmitter defense force field and weapon, I devised a device which is a Tesla coil but much more desecrate and stylish container,  It can fit into a cane or walking stick, about a year ago I made One of these lightning scepters which was quite strong, maxing out at 300,000 volts but also capable to going down to 20,000 volts which sounds like a lot, but not really. I could only shoot lightning bolts about 6/7 inches.

 It had pulse modulated capabilities thanks to a miniature iPod and and my own special print out circuit of an elongated version of a pulse modulator circuit. It could play music via the lightning coming out of my hand and even sing, but it sounded very low quality (no bass but very loud) I thought it was kinda cool because I could put sound effects on my lightning bolts.

I did some experiments with helium balloons too, when lightning travels through a different gas like helium, neon, krypton or other inert gasses you can change the color of the lightning, even make the lightning much bigger through the gas. For example, helium allows the lightning to turn a bright red color and thins out the lightning bolt allowing it to go farther, krypton makes lightning blue but limits the range of the lightning severely. though I never did green lightning before I bet it would look cool.

Psychic Powers

use an ultrasonic speaker array as a necklace via ultrasonic audio wave cancellation,(using ultrasonic transducers

 Ultrasound travels differently then regular sound, it travels through the air more like a laser beam, It's a bit like a "sound laser" or "sound spot light" It only allows people inside the beam to hear music or a message (outside the beam nobody can hear the sound your ultrasound speaker array), it's awesome. you can trick people into thinking you have psychic powers by letting someone speak through a microphone through a radio connection to the necklace allowing you to appear psychic.

The way it works is you have to use lesser known tricks of science known as "wave cancellation" You have to make the signals of the "ultrasonic transducer array" cancel out each other in a special way to make lower audible sounds travel through the air like a beam of sound. imagine these numbers for example

40,000 hz + 40,100hz (arranged for wave cancellation) will be able to make a 1000hz sound wave travel through the air in a beam like ultra sound.

you could whisper something into someones head from 40 yards away and the person sitting right next to them wont hear a thing and the person your talking to cant hear the direction the sound is coming from. you could even attach it to an eeg electrode array to really speak psychically.

How about glow

If you use your lightning powers in-combination with electo-luminescence in the form of hair dye or phosphor infused contacts or skin painting art/temporary tattoos or permanent tattoos both are possible. Doing this will allow any part of your body to glow more intensely then an led light. You can power up voltage levels and wattage to make the electro-luminesence glow more brightly. Your basic light spell. no big deal, you'll never need a flashlight again though that's a plus ;D

I bet you could look pretty amazing with extra bright glowing tattoos and glowing eyes which you can turn off and the tattoos will disappear and turn invisible without the electricity. excellent for the desecrate but powerful when you want them on.


OLED screens. almost Paper thin Can be used to make a fabric of an invisibility cloak. With the use of a high tech face recognition lenses and cameras systems, you can use a unique photography trick to make what is behind you appear in front of you (projecting it onto the OLCD cloak.) wile what's infront of you appears behind you, a panoramic camera display inside a computer can be used to analyze the area of the live video feed for faces, so that it can lock onto a target face and make what is behind you appear in front of him were he should see behind you.
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Re: Scientific sorcery.
« Reply #1 on: 16/03/2014 02:15:28 »
... any conductive object like copper would fall like a feather because of the eddy currents induced into the metal from the superconducting magnet.

bear in mind the eddy currents would also heat the levitating metal ...
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Re: Scientific sorcery.
« Reply #2 on: 16/03/2014 03:38:41 »
 ;D So? It would work, wouldn't it? Not exactly practical but still it's flipping amazing. we live in a time when the greatest acts of sorcery are becoming a reality. There is no telling what powers the people of the future might have. So be prepared. People these days only have computers in their pockets and soon they will be shooting lightning bolts out of their hands instead of using tasers (which is perfectly possible)
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