Making it in Science Research.

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Making it in Science Research.
« on: 13/08/2006 18:49:39 »
Hello all!

My goal in life is to become a member of the science research community – in particular medical science.
I would like to know what advice people in this field could give to young scientists starting out. What have been the highlights of your careers’ so far and is there anything you wish you could have done better in hindsight?
How do you know the future you've got now is the same future you're going to have if something in the past is different from the last time you went back to the future?


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Re: Making it in Science Research.
« Reply #1 on: 06/10/2006 15:36:44 »
Wow! I am 51 years old and wish I had been a cell biologist!

I am not one but here is my suggestion. I think we have the molecular level and we have the level of the things in the cell like mitocondria etc. I bet there is a level between the two. I bet the cell has nano-technical robotics already working in it. I would try to find a way to use nano-technology to - kind of like a scanning microscope that crawls around on the cell organs surfaces and sees in detail whether there are additional layers of structure between the chemical and the organs of the cell. In a sense it seems like DNA is a kind of nano-bot No? Are there others?

Good luck. Cell biology. Man that is a great future.


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Re: Making it in Science Research.
« Reply #2 on: 06/10/2006 21:47:24 »
I guess tehcnically I am a member of the reserach comminuty.  I work in a cell biology/genetics reserach lab.  I am still at the begining of my carreer and quite inexperienced in the feild.  i have yet to publish any papers, although I do have two currently submitted for reviwe (keeping my fingers and toes crossed).  I guess to give you any specific advice I would have to know what stage of your education/life in reserach you are at.  The biggest things that I have found are to take on as many experiences as you can, but always be looking for the next/better experience.  Also, make sure that you truely love science.  This is a job that you have to look at more as a hobby that you get a stipend off which to live than a carreer from which your try to make money.  No matter what level of science you get to you will always be over worked and underpaid.  Its just the nature of the game, however this comes about from the fact that there are so many people out there who lovce science so much they are willing to do it for less than their talents are worth.  You really have to make sure that you are one of tehse people.

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