GUNDAM, possible within the next 10 years?

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GUNDAM, possible within the next 10 years?
« on: 08/04/2014 22:41:48 »

With the direction and how fast the hnology is actually evolving, real mobile suits is within hAnd reach of reality. nd if that happens, world wAr 4 is fought with sticks and stones.

One proof of it's develoPment is the VIO Ace Tech new Piloting system. It's supposed to be a secret that would rival the DARPA but it's develoPment is much earlier and is more focused on human-like functionality and output.

Supposedly, the technology was developed for AI mining and deep sea explorer machines. But who knows if some business man uses it for other purposes. You can't find it now on the Internet, and the guy resPonsible for leaking the information out would be reported dead tomorrow on The headlines.