Hypotheses about magnetic force

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Hypotheses about magnetic force
« on: 13/05/2014 05:46:00 »
My thought is the space is negative charged elastic fluid. If electric force applied on an area/plane in space, it will be compressed and become more negative charged and make the next area/plane become less compressed less negative charged, which makes the next area/plane more negative charged....the strength of the negative charge in space is like a wave decay by 1/r^3 - this is a moving magnetic field. 

Magnet is atoms in a matter line up on a plane that protons facing one direction and electrons facing the other. The proton plane  / north pale is positive charged, it makes near by space compress and become more negative charged and so on so on just like above, the electron plane makes space less negative charged the same way and so on, this is a stand magnetic field.

Sorry about my poor English, appreciate any feedback.

Space has a constant density of negative charge, electric field has different density of negative charge, magnetic field has dense/loss, less dense/less loss, and so on so on density layels.
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