Innovation Centers in the United Kingdom

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Innovation Centers in the United Kingdom
« on: 15/05/2014 20:25:21 »
Many years ago, I was a member of the South London Innovation Center in London Brixton, an organization which had been funded by the Lambeth Council and a large portfolio of services open to innovators and the general public at large.

In many ways the South London Innovation Center was unique, as it offered access to mechanical, electronic and software workshops and provided qualified support staff to support the innovators. Many things had been developed by private inventors, ranging from an animation table, a wheel chair for the handicapped and much more.

But it was closed to make place for a community center, which in itself was closed also.

I am a fully trained German precision mechanic, with expertise in metrology/mechatronics, living in the Kent area and urgently require access to an  Innovation Centre with access to a mechanical workshop, with turning, milling and grinding machines. I am happy to travel and would consider any reasonable offer and provide a service in lieu of machine time.