Simple quantum entangler?

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Simple quantum entangler?
« on: 24/05/2014 07:17:17 »
Super simple quantum entangler

I have a theory on how to build a device which would have the ability to "quantum entangle 2 objects". That means that you can "magically connect" the 2 objects over any distance in a mysterious way.
nobody knows what mechanism causes quantum entanglement BUT that does not mean you cant use it's effects for your own reasons.

I have attached a simple picture below. In the middle you can see a simple circuit diagram which looks a bit like a hart. Basically from the battery electrons flow through a superconducting disc (YBCO) there the electrons are briefly quantum entangled into "cooper pairs" then they flow out of the superconductor and the cooper pairs fall apart BUT the electrons may still be entangled (nobody knows) the electrons then have to go through a split wire into 2 capacitors.

50% of the electrons will go to one capacitor and 50% will go to the other capacitor where they will be stored. the theory is that when 2 electrons come out of the superconductor (which were cooper paired) there is a 50% chance that 1 electron will split and go into one of the capacitors and the other electron will go into the other capacitor and a 50% chance that both electrons will go into only one capacitor. you can see 2 small pictures to the left of the hart entangler depicting what I mean.

This means that 50% of all the entangled electrons were split and both capacitors are 50% entangled with each-other a concept I like to call "quantum purity"  But how do you know they are entangled?
that's were the pictures to the right of the hart entangler come into play. The picture directly to the right of the hart depicts a "Van De Graff" static electricity generator which has a positive polarity with 2 ferrite magnets next to it.  What it means is that you need to strip away the valence electrons from the 2 magnets and replace them with the quantum entangled electrons (from the 2 capacitors)

Lastly you need to measure the magnetic field of one of the magnets while changing the polarity of the other magnet by squeezing it next to a stronger magnet like neodymium. If the other magnet's magnetic field changes polarity or gets weaker without reason, then that means you have entangled magnets which could be used to transmit information or even power wirelessly across any distance instantly, faster then the speed of light.

the reason why changing a magnet's polarity would do anything at all is because by doing so you can change the alignment of the electron's spin, which is the only observable effect of quantum entanglement of electrons.

Theoretically you can entangle virtually anything even 2 people. The quantum entanglement is actually very fragile and will eventually ware off in time, as the valence electrons move between atoms and are lost forever in the cosmic void.

By the way I know that this concept isnt exactly simple, even though the experiment I propose is. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or otherwise please feel free to speak your mind in the reply section below.