Are black holes stars or holes?

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Are black holes stars or holes?
« on: 04/07/2014 13:30:01 »
Jordi  asked the Naked Scientists:
A question, black holes are black stars or holes?

About time travel to the past,i am tired of listening or see documentary about how can we travel to the past,well bad  news,if you can CONTRACT the universe,of course you can't, even if you for  example go back 100 years,well i don't know when you appear,for sure is not in this planet,maybe in the middle of the space who knows.I think there is only one time line,and doesn't go back only forward.Is the most stupid thing i ever heard.hey i am no one i only college graduate.sorry if i am condescending. i hope someone answer or say something. Bye.

by the way if i didn't wrote well is because i am Spanish, sorry.

What do you think?
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