What do you think about my Super healing Idea?

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What do you think about my Super healing Idea?
« on: 22/07/2014 03:18:48 »
                            Super Healing


Ok ya'll I "may" have come up with a way to heal physical injuries such as cuts, bruises, burns, broken bones, pulled muscles and sprains up to 5 times faster! which is super human in it's own right.

I post this here on the naked scientist forum in-order to get scientific feed back on my Idea. I want your opinion as to the medical possibility/plausibility of my idea.

Here I go. This idea of mine Involves no medicine at all, it is non invasive, it has no side effects and is most likely safe and cheap enough to do at home. Instead of healing with pills like most doctors, I use pure energy to heal and this is how.  First off, my Idea involves the construction of a mildly simple electronic device I call The MET machine it stands for "the multiple energy therapy machine". The basic Idea behind it is to take multiple or all "Energy therapy" devices and combine them together into one all encompassing machine, giving you the ability to use multiple energy therapies simultaneously to treat injuries.

Below there are some examples of energy based therapies which I have explored take a moment to familiarize yourself with them.

Negative Ion Therapy

It is a little known fact that a negative electrostatic charge purifies the air and heals the body but positive charges have harmful effects to the body, weird right? This short video will give you a brief introduction to the physics and biology behind how Negative ion therapy works.


I should note that negative Ion bracelets don't work because it can't produce enough ions to be effective, but the science behind negative ion therapy does have a solid foundation. Instead of a bracelet your going to need a high voltage charge for the effects to be noticeable like one as strong as a Van De Graaff generator. you can archive this with small voltage multipliers (capacitor diode arrays). These "voltage multipliers" can produce the high amount of negative ions needed for the therapy to be effective.  Below is a picture of a negative ion generator made specifically for therapy.


All this device does is give your body a constant negative static charge, if you accidentally discharge you will receive a mild static jolt and the device will automatically recharge you in seconds. Most ionizers stay around the range of 7000 volts but can technically be any voltage. 7000 volts my sound like a lot but when we are talking about static electricity 7000 volts is barely noticeable. studies on this type of therapy have been conducted and they have concluded that this type of therapy can heal various ulcers like diabetic ulcers up to 2 times faster. The same goes for naturally occurring cuts and abrasions that you receive on a day to day basis. this type of therapy also increases blood flow as well as a whole host of other benefits.

Infrared Light Therapy

Infrared light therapy is cool, it's quite simple, all you need is a special kind of light bulb that makes infrared light, This light bulb is to be placed directly on the effected area and that's it.  If you are unfamiliar with IR therapy, this video will give you a brief introduction into the science behind how infrared light heals.


As mentioned in the video, "NASA" said that the healing process is increased by 50% or more!  it's useful for basically any kind of Physical injury such as burns, cuts, muscle injuries, bruises and so on.  It's pretty straight forward.

Pulsed Electromagnet Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnet therapy which is sometimes called pulsed electromagnetic field therapy or PEMF therapy is the act of getting a coil of wire and pulsing current into it at a given frequency often at high frequency. current is induced into the subject and the healing begins. This video explains how it works


This therapy is mainly used to increase blood flow and oxygenate blood cells which improves overall circulation. Because of the better circulation you feel you feel healthy and full of energy.  Blood flow is essential to the healing process so this therapy can heal wounds faster because of that effect.  This is a second video on the same subject but it focuses on another aspect of this type of therapy which is called cell polarization.


It's quite simple and old medical technology. A Tesla coil power field is thought to have a similar effects and have been used for similar applications, Tesla coils are also used as a therapy devices as well. One of the more famous examples of Tesla therapy is a device called a "violet wand" if you interested you should look into it.

Electro-Muscular Stimulation Therapy

This type of therapy uses low frequency, low voltage, low amp pulses of electricity to stimulate rapid muscle contractions in the effected area. It works by putting 2 or more electrodes across the effected area then the pulsed current causes the muscles in the path of the electricity to contract rapidly in rhythm with the pulses. If the girl in the photo were to use the device, it would make her butt shake involuntarily [;D]. It's often used as a weight loss tool and it's also used for muscle toning. But It can be used for healing injuries particularly bruises, cuts and sore muscles.

this video will give you a brief introduction/over-view into Electro-muscular stimulation therapy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wO0X17Sjxk

It's main contribution to the healing process is relaxing the muscles and removing inflammation. Just another form of energy based healing.

Ultrasonic Therapy

I personally think that this type of therapy is somewhat weak, But the basic Idea behind it is simple, apply an ultrasonic transducer directly to the effected area, the vibrations break up plaque inside veins increasing blood flow. Other effects of the ultrasound is "deep heat penetration" because mechanical vibration creates friction and heat that penetrates deep is good for blood circulation. Non contact ultrasound therapy is used to help wounds heal around 69% faster as claimed by this study.


That should be enough examples for now, my point behind showing you these different energy therapies and their various effects is to show that there are great many different kinds of energy therapies out there, which all seem to do similar things (heal physical injuries) Normally these therapies are used separately as stand alone products.  My "super healing" multiple energy therapy machine Idea is simply putting these therapies together into a singe machine and using all of these therapies simultaneously.

This machine would have the combined healing potential of all the devices put together because it IS all the devices put together!

Negative ion therapy.         = 2x healing speed
infrared therapy                = 1.5xhealing speed
pulsed magnet therapy       =1.5xhealing speed
electro muscular stimulation=1.5x healing speed
ultrasonic therapy             =1.7x healing speed

subtract 5 and you get the rate at which injuries should heal 3.2x faster or more if you just keep adding in other energy therapy types, there are plenty of other energy therapies which I haven't mentioned which could be thrown in there to add to the healing potential. Examples of these are whole body vibration therapy, UV light therapy, inversion therapy and many many others.  By this logic I can estimate an all encompassing multiple energy therapy device could potentially help heal up to 5 times faster!

Think of it as bombarding injuries with various types of energy all at the same time, attacking the injuries from multiple angles, causing them to heal way faster!  The best part of this idea is that there is very little risk involved. There is virtually no potential for my device to make injuries worse.

Well that's my Idea tell me what you guys think in the reply section below.
Ps: if you know of a good energy therapy which I may not know about please feel free to tell me about it.  [8D]
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